At Medicann, we know that the Cannabis plant can ease so much suffering throughout the globe; we know for a fact that currently only the surface has been scratched as to the true potential of healing, that the genus Cannabis has to offer mankind.

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To help choose your medicinal marijuana seeds we have 31 symbols which highlight different illnesses, choose the one that matches your symptom to start getting the pain relief that you need right now!

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Facts about Medicann Seeds


All of our breeding is done in Europe & the United States. However, selectors and breeders have travelled the world extensively for the selection of stock, including Asia, Africa and Pacific Rim for over 30 years.


Our breeders have been breeding for 30 years


It takes years to create new strains, we have been breeding for years and know the value of good genetics

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We also wanted you to know that we originally got the blue blood strain(because of its high CBD and THC)for a friend that had type B stage 3 lung cancer. After 9 month of being treated with RSO and Chemo,he was able to sustain an appetite and didn’t have any hair loss. The cancer cells shrunk into a knot that they were able to remove with minor surgery. He is cancer free!! Miracles do happen!